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Tania Perez

Land and title acquirer (90%), an epicurean with a passion for travel.

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Land and title acquirer: Show your negotiating strengths.

Land and title acquirers contribute hugely to SBB projects as they acquire the land and title required on time. You represent SBB at meetings with the federal Compulsory Purchase Tribunals, planning permission authorities or other institutions.

I can shape the future of our railway infrastructure by securing sites on time.

Sven Zollinger

Land and title acquirer, an enthusiastic cook and biker who gets involved in politics.

Self-disciplined and meticulous.

Land and title acquirers are responsible for timely and strategic land and title acquisition. Alongside specialist management, they assume the financial responsibility and ensure that SBB’s internal and external assignments are completed on time and in an appropriate manner for the market and process. Any procedural errors would endanger the timely conclusion of construction projects and lead to high procedural costs and subsequent expenditure. Land and title acquirers take responsibility for and complete land exchanges, acquisitions, sales, subdivision and rectification of boundaries in SBB’s interests.

Negotiating skills and tact.

Together with the project management you present the construction project, project scope and its impact on the ownership to the affected landowners in a timely and personal manner. In the subsequent contract negotiations, you take the lead to find an amicable solution. Thanks to your excellent flair, tact and social and facilitating skills, you obtain the agreements for land and title acquisition, including conclusion of the contract, within the deadline. Your powers of persuasion and decisiveness support you in this. Your skilled handling of risks helps you to systematically solve problems.

Finding creative solutions.

The wishes and expectations of owners during contract negotiations are unique and often tied to emotions. This means that your experience, expertise and creative ideas are needed to conclude the contract amicably and in a project-specific way. You acquire the land and titles required for the long-term interests of SBB in a private sale or by means of compulsory purchase while taking the market and applicable legislation into account (the Swiss Civil Code, the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Railways Act, the Federal Act on the Swiss Federal Railways, the Federal Act on Rural Land Rights, Lex Friedrich, the Spatial Planning Act, cantonal and municipal building and zoning regulations, etc.).

Third-party construction projects.

As owner of the infrastructure, you safeguard SBB’s interests as part of third-party construction projects near railway installations. This is about railway installations, spatial planning measures (structural plans, land use plans, etc.), land consolidation projects and land register rectification. You grant or refuse consent for third party construction projects based on internal SBB opinions.

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