Sustainable energy.

Travelling by rail is better for the environment, saves resources and uses less energy.

Energy plays a central role in the provision of sustainable mobility – whether it be the 16.7 hertz traction current powering the trains, the 50 hertz household current powering the stations, office buildings and railway infrastructure, or the thermal energy heating the buildings. To move 12% of passenger traffic and 37% of freight traffic, rail transport requires just 5% of all the energy consumed by road transport in Switzerland. 

Since 2019, SBB has been procuring its 50 hertz electricity from renewable sources. SBB trains already draw 90% of their energy from hydropower. The remaining 10% is nuclear power. By 2025, all rail power is to come from renewable sources. To that end, SBB will procure renewable energy, including the relevant guarantee of origin certification, for the 10% that is not yet renewable. Negotiations are currently under way on this matter and SBB will provide further information in due course.

SBB will further expand its rail services in the coming years. For this reason, its energy demand will continue to grow despite its immense efforts to become more energy efficient. SBB will therefore undertake additional efforts in three key areas.