New renewable energies.

Through its expansion of new renewable energies, SBB is making a major contribution towards Switzerland’s climate protection, the Confederation’s Energy Strategy 2050 and strengthening Switzerland’s security of supply. 

By 2040, SBB aims to produce 160 gigawatt hours a year from photovoltaic systems installed on its buildings and sites. SBB will achieve an initial milestone of 100 gigawatt hours a year by 2030. For the production of 160 gigawatt hours, over 1,100 photovoltaic systems will be installed, mainly on railway station buildings, industrial sites, service facilities, platform area roofs, power plants and open spaces. 160 gigawatt hours can supply power for around 40,000 households. 

While the roofs of buildings are generally well suited, the installation of photovoltaic systems near to rail facilities is complex and challenging due to technical safety requirements. That’s why this kind of project takes several years and authorisation from FOT is required in accordance with the Railways Act. From the planning to the installation of a photovoltaic system, it generally takes over three years.