Climate friendly energy.

As a government-owned company, SBB is also aware of its responsibility in tackling climate change and will be carbon-neutral from 2030.

The company therefore intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from fuels, combustibles and coolants by 50% net by 2030 and by 92% net by 2040 compared to the base year of 2018. This reduction is an economically viable aim for SBB because of the generally higher efficiency and lower energy prices of renewable energies compared to fossil fuels.     

To achieve climate neutrality, any unavoidable residual greenhouse gas emissions will be offset from 2030 onwards. This will mainly involve climate protection projects undertaken within the SBB value chain by suppliers and employees. If this is not sufficient, corresponding climate protection certificates will be purchased from within Switzerland.

SBB’s trains already draw 90% of their energy from hydropower. The remaining 10% is nuclear power. By 2025, all rail power is to come from renewable sources. In addition to ensuring guarantees of origin for renewable energy supplies, which is standard practice in the industry, SBB will also physically generate electricity to ensure the remaining 10% can be sourced from its own facilities or at least from facilities under contract. SBB is currently in negotiations relating to this and will communicate updates in due course.