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Andreas Leemann

Locomotive driver, photography enthusiast.

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Engine Driver: It’s time to move to the front of the train.

As an engine driver, you’re an important part of something very big: When you work for SBB’s Passenger Division, you help us move some 458 million travellers every year. After completing our secondary training programme, which runs for 14-16 months, your job will take you along the most beautiful rail routes in Switzerland. You’ll always be on the move, but you’ll never be alone, and your working day will be as varied as your working hours and the different types of trains you operate.

The complexity of rail operations and the interplay between humans and technology never ceases to fascinate me, day after day.

Thomas Erdin

Head of locomotive crew, likes tinkering with cars as a hobby.

Taking on responsibility.

Safety, punctuality, reliability and quality all play a key role on Switzerland’s busy rail network. As an engine driver, you don’t only take over the front of the train; you also take on responsibility for the train and everyone travelling on it. You don’t just transport people, you also keep Switzerland moving. 

You monitor instruments and displays while at the same time keeping a close eye on the route ahead, the timetable and the weather. As you proceed on your journey, you react quickly and appropriately to signals, speed limits and any unforeseeable events that might occur. In this manner, you ensure safety, quality and punctuality. You act independently but also maintain contact with train-control centres at all times.

New technologies will change engine driving as a career, but it will still be a career with a future. Engine drivers must be interested in modern mobility and will undergo continuous technical training.

Claudio Pellettieri

Head of Train Driving and Shunting.

How to start your career.

Several training courses begin every year in different locations in Switzerland. After successfully completing your training, where possible, you will be given a job in the same region.

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