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Amelia Rodrigues

Operational planning specialist, creative lover of detail and committed team player.

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Operational planning specialist: Making competent decisions.

Train crew, shunters and cleaners count on you to assign and plan their work precisely. You master disruption and major events, keep calm and ensure optimal customer solutions are provided. 

I am knowledgeable, passionate and proud of what I do – I achieve great things and routinely resolve any incidents

Daniel Camenisch

Operational planning specialist, talented and successful bowler and creator of 3D wooden board games.

Your important role.

You take on responsible and varied tasks in the Traffic Control Centre, and in Planning, Management and Allocation of staff and rolling stock. By adapting plans to unforeseen occurrences and major events, you ensure that operations run smoothly. You develop solutions and ensure customer information. And you focus on our customers so that they can get to their destination safely and on time. 

Your four areas of work.

Your work takes place in four different locations where you carry out different jobs, making your working days extremely varied:

  • In Planning, you create annual shift plans for the shunters, locomotive crew, customer-facing staff and train cleaning teams. 
  • You adapt staff shift plans and rolling stock schedules for planned events or engineering work in Management. 
  • In Allocation, you create the work, holiday and Friday shift schedules for train crew and your colleagues who work in shunting and in cleaning.
  • The Traffic Control Center monitors railway operations 24 hours a day. Your role is to react to abnormal operations immediately, take decisions and inform customers in a professional manner.

Unique skills.

As an operational planning specialist, you make decisions confidently and independently. You take responsibility for yourself and for your colleagues. In your work, you bear in mind our customers, your team and everything as a whole. You communicate openly and transparently and have the empathy required to give a positive turn to conflicts and negotiations.

Do something great.