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René Batschelet

Overall Project Manager, inline skater, beach volleyball player and music lover.

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Civil engineer for general projects: manage major projects.

Working with specialists, you manage all project processes – from preliminary project to implementation. You plan, manage and implement the construction or expansion of infrastructure facilities. 

My job is exciting as every project presents new challenges and, in the end, the results are always visible

Vanessa Angst-Nicollier

Overall Project Manager (60%), mother of three children and amateur carpenter.

Variety on a daily basis.

You particularly enjoy varied tasks and parallel running projects. Together with interdisciplinary teams, our civil engineers plan and manage general construction infrastructure projects. Your projects vary greatly in size, number of participants and duration. Whether in the office, at external appointments or on construction sites, your focus is on finding solutions. In doing so, you constantly keep an eye on the finances, deadlines and quality. 

New prospects.

As a civil engineer for general projects, you possess a high level of decision-making ability. You will be involved in major projects from the outset and represent them successfully before various specialist committees. You bear full responsibility for your projects, take charge of the various project processes and represent SBB as the constructor. In this way, you enjoy a great amount of freedom and are able to work independently. You make use of your good network and collective team intelligence to successfully implement complex and multidisciplinary projects.

Though I have overall responsibility for multidisciplinary projects, I find it easy to manage my work life and my free time.

Kathrin Rechtern

General project manager (90%), outdoors enthusiast with a secret love for puzzles

A persuasive personality.

You think in a visionary manner and work strategically and meticulously. You anticipate future scenarios with foresight and develop sustainable solutions with tact and enthusiasm. In doing so, you always keep an overview of things: you plan, organise, coordinate and review everything in good time to achieve your goals. You are communicative and open-minded, ensuring that all parties involved – whether internal or external – are kept in the loop. Internally, we count on the team spirit of our civil engineers for general projects. They leave nothing to chance and uphold precise working methods.

Do something great.

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