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Stefan Wassmer

Civil engineering project manager, passionate floorball coach and enthusiastic hiker

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Civil engineering project manager: durability through conservation.

You will plan, manage and implement brand new projects, expansion projects and maintenance projects for railway infrastructure installations. You will work closely with railway technology specialists while doing so.

Through my construction projects, I am quite literally helping to shape Switzerland.

Cathie Lequertier

Civil engineering project manager, loves the mountains and rowing.

Building paths for the future.

As a civil engineering project manager, you’ll be taking on responsibility for railway infrastructure projects. The focus of these projects is on bridges, underpasses and overpasses, culverts, support structures and tunnels. From studies to commissioning, you are at the centre of all project processes and work hand-in-hand with railway technology specialists. You always hand an eye on the costs, deadlines and requirements for quality and safety. In regular dialogue with external parties such as planning offices, construction companies and authorities, you coordinate the efficient execution of construction projects. An important part of your exciting job is communicating with residents and other stakeholders. This is how you promote cooperation and drive innovation.

New nuances.

As a project manager in civil engineering, you will be involved in expansion and renovation projects from the very beginning and impactfully represent SBB as the client, for example when appearing before specialist committees. You’ll also enjoy a great amount of freedom and are able to work independently. You make use of your good network and collective team intelligence to successfully implement complex and multidisciplinary projects.

A persuasive personality.

You stand out with your independent and reliable work habits, are able to organise your responsibilities flexibly and always maintain an eye on what’s going on: you plan, organise, coordinate and review everything in good time to achieve your goals. You are communicative and open-minded, ensuring that all parties involved – whether internal or external – are kept in the loop. Moreover, you are able to assert yourself and convince people using the right arguments. Within the company, we look forward to your team spirit. You leave nothing to chance and uphold precise working methods.

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