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Sarah Kubler

Specialist geomatics engineer (60%), avid world traveller, diver and horse rider.

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Specialist geomatics engineer: safety through precise planning.

As a specialist geomatics engineer, you are responsible for the train path layout and surveying. You calculate the track geometry and play a decisive role in the safety, driving dynamics and travel comfort of our trains.

Through track geometry and adherence to the structure gauge, I contribute to safety and comfortable travel.

Patrick Kamga

Specialist geomatics engineer, basketball player and lover of drawing.

Train path layout for safety in rail traffic.

Train path routing is the core area of expertise for a specialist geomatics engineer and is subject to strict testing processes. Whether track renewal, complete station reconstruction or simpler projects, you calculate rule-compliant track geometry. You do this by taking into account various laws of physics that have an effect on the running dynamics and derailment safety. In addition, you also ensure that the tracks are adapted to the environment in the best way possible. Together with your team and other experts, you make sure that all the requirements are met and that the structure gauge is maintained along the entire route. You are also responsible for the maintenance of the track safety systems. Through your work, you ensure that our passengers’ travel experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.

A geomatics workplace unlike any other.

The railway network is a complex system and the interdependent specialist fields within the system are just as diverse. As a specialist geomatics engineer, you work on projects with specialists from a variety of fields, such as track, traction current, safety systems or civil engineering, and learn to account for various requirements and prospects. Open dialogue within the project teams and the mutual transfer of knowledge are essential tools that will help you to understand the complex railway system.

A varied field of work.

As a specialist geomatics engineer at SBB, you work in a extremely varied field. For your most important task – train path layout – you use state-of-the-art software tools and other instruments to provide data for track and platform construction. At the same time, you carry out various control and monitoring tasks, including assessing construction controls, accompanying geodetic monitoring or carrying out quality inspections of surveying services. The area of operation is divided into four regions: East (Zurich), Central (Olten), South (Bellinzona) and West (Renens). Cross-regional cooperation is strongly promoted. Depending on the project you are currently working on, you will also be in contact with various experts. For this reason, no two days are ever the same.

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