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David Grabowski

Project Manager and Safety Manager in the SmartRail 4.0 programme, adventurous DIY and electronics enthusiast.

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Development Project Manager: Make an impact and produce tangible results.

As a development project manager, you use your technical affinity to lead your project team to success.

Making innovations workable is something you find fascinating. You always retain a clear overview, spot connections and never lose sight of the goal. You have costs, time and quality under control throughout. If there are any unforeseen incidents, you handle them pragmatically and purposefully and you always get the team back on track.

By driving technical innovations forwards, I ensure that our customers will be able to continue enjoying the railway’s benefits in the future.

Martin Kemkemer

Technical Project Manager and Business Analyst in the SmartRail 4.0 programme (90%), family man who loves sports and nature.

Work together towards success.

Project management comes naturally to you. Throughout the different project phases, you are careful to assign the right people to the right tasks and distribute work appropriately among the team, thereby ensuring the project phases are implemented in a goal-oriented way. You know how to motivate your team and convince management and a vast array of stakeholders to get on board. 

Manage projects effectively. 

In addition to traditional project management tasks, development project managers make sure that the project is technologically feasible. Development projects are part of an overall industry programme with BLS and SOB. They are prestigious projects both in Switzerland and abroad which also have an impact on suppliers and international railway companies. Development projects therefore receive a particularly high level of management and political attention.

From the idea to implementation. 

Future-oriented projects, such as the digitalisation of all data, automation and the process of actively shaping the mobility platform allow innovations to be matched with different project dependencies. One of the biggest challenges this presents is bringing the innovative and creative development engineers together to focus on a common goal and creating an achievable and affordable project that suits all parties involved and complies with all regulations and safety requirements. The guiding principle for your work is the SBB formula for success and you always take your responsibilities and your scope for action seriously, which enables you to achieve real results for SBB.

Do something great.

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