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Lionel Kilchenmann

Vehicle maintenance engineer (90%) and baseball-playing diver who likes to brew his own beer.

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Vehicle Maintenance Engineer: flexible and pragmatic.

You integrate new systems and develop innovative solutions and components for rolling stock modernisation. For train maintenance, you provide Production with technical support. 

My work has an impact on the quality, safety and availability of the fleets. And thus also on customer satisfaction.

Tristan Montet

Vehicle maintenance engineer, father, DIY enthusiast and enthusiastic sportsman.

Dynamic and high quality.

In your work as a vehicle maintenance engineer, you have to react fast. While also ensuring the quality and safety of your work. You evaluate data, define maintenance activities, develop technical optimisation and integrate new systems. You solve all kinds of technical challenges and thus play a significant role in making our rolling stock available and reliable. 

The diversity of projects.

As a vehicle maintenance engineer, you support numerous technically demanding projects. Your thinking and actions are goal-driven. Both the size and the duration of the projects and your personal responsibilities vary. Your capacity to analyse critically when implementing technical solutions pushes us continuously onwards. You use your professional skills and understanding of mechanics to plan, assess, test and build prototypes. Based on the prototype documentation and report, you carry out the projects. Meeting deadlines and producing detail-oriented work is self-evident for you.

Being nearby counts.

In Production or in the service facilities, you can implement your knowledge on site while working closely together with Production staff. You are the key link between Production and Technical Fleet Management. Whether you're working on your laptop on site or in the office: your thought processes and actions are shaped by attention and curiosity. You and your interregional team also benefit greatly from your solid knowledge of German and French.

Do something great.

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