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Franziska Wanner

Technical Fleet Management engineer (80%), violinist and mother whose hobbies include DIY and bouldering. 

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Technical Fleet Management engineer: set priorities.

You ensure that operations are cost-efficient and safe, guarantee reliable systems and always keep potential risks in mind. You always look for long-term solutions in your work.

In the modern SBB environment, I strive to ensure safety, punctuality and reliability in the technical domain.

Markus Germann

Technical Fleet Management system engineer (90%) and firefighter with a strong family commitment.

Varied work which is never mundane. 

Your diverse job sees you helping to ensure the safety, availability and reliability of the train fleets every day. You work on the vehicles both in your office and on site: you define requirements and check the technical feasibility of maintenance stipulations, both on your own and together with the staff responsible for the vehicles. In cases of obsolescence, you help search for suitable substitute solutions. Your expertise on site is required when recording the state of stock with a view to an overhaul, maintenance or modernisation, in particular following incidents. 

You ensure safety. 

In your work, you use Office 365, SAP, Confluence and Jira. This means that your work is always structured, independent and target-driven. Our Technical Fleet Management engineers use their expertise to investigate potential risk factors and rule them out to the best of their knowledge and in good conscience. In this context, minimising risk and ensuring the safety of the train fleets are our top priority. This way you keep Switzerland moving and achieve great things for our 1.25 million passengers every day. 

Passionate about your work. 

Your day-to-day working life is extremely varied, as projects run in parallel. But you are always aware of the overall picture and can set your priorities appropriately. Our Technical Fleet Management engineers can judge the level of importance and involvement of the relevant people. As you carry out this complex work, you always remain aware of the scale of SBB and its image and take the given laws, rules and standards seriously. You master this great task with skill and stamina. You live out your enthusiasm for railways and technology in your work with the various systems serving our train fleets. 

Do something great.

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