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Ferdinand Niedermann

Data Scientist (80%), cat father and data traveller, who likes to share his knowledge.

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Data Scientist: from raw data to real insights.

Thousands of data points are generated every day. They aren’t very useful without processing and interpretation. As a data scientist, this valuable work is your field. You therefore help to improve processes and customer experiences.

It is great to know that the work you do is meaningful and helps to improve SBB.

Bruno Hauser

Data Scientist, likes perfect waves (and not just as differential equations).

Innovative and impactful.

The processing and interpretation of data form the basis for the further development and improvement of various processes. This optimisation, in turn, contributes significantly to the quality of SBB’s business activities, which has a positive impact on both our company and the customer experience. Data collection can also improve factors such as safety or punctuality. At the same time, as a data scientist, you will be involved in the development of new features that make SBB a more modern, productive and inclusive company. 

Flexible and varied.

You are not tied to a fixed workplace and as a modern company we support SBB Work Smart – whether in the office, at home or from the train, you choose your workplace flexibly. There are few fixed appointments in your day-to-day work. You work mostly in smaller teams or individually and plan meetings and your working day as the project demands. As a data scientist, your knowledge is often in demand on several projects. Since the context of the projects can be fundamentally different, your working day is very varied and you always adapt quickly to new scenarios. Part-time work is in our DNA at SBB, and many of your future colleagues will be working reduced hours.

Complex and demanding.

The railway system is complex and so is the analysis of the data obtained. The biggest challenge is to identify and understand the problem. Good professional know-how is crucial here. Thanks to the high complexity and diversity of the projects, there are no monotonous working days for you. You constantly learn new things, expand your skills and gain valuable experience. 

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