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Giselle Garrido Martinez

Scrum Master, passionate dancer who loves travelling and spending time with the family

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Scrum Master: guarantee good cooperation.

As a scrum master, you coordinate the creation and further development of the product and the team involved in it. You ensure that the communication and the process of continuous improvement is guaranteed.

I enjoy solving problems, motivating team members and ensuring a good working atmosphere.

Michaël Savioz

Scrum Master and architect, persistent Walliser

Agility and efficiency. 

As a scrum master, you have a crucial role to play. Throughout the product life cycle, you ensure that processes run smoothly, efficiently and successfully, problems are solved as quickly as possible and key stakeholders are engaged. You are an important partner for both the product owner and the interdisciplinary, self-organised product team, with considerable involvement in successfully implementing a product.  

Holding it all together. 

A scrum master keeps track of the product creation and development and ensures that stakeholders remain informed about responsibilities, aims and progress at all times. You evaluate processes and organise, prepare and moderate meetings. By doing so, you help to ensure that tasks are carried out in the best possible way, including with regard to cost-effectiveness, and that stakeholders are regularly updated about the product. As a scrum master, you are responsible for organisational leadership; in other words, you build, coordinate and develop an interdisciplinary team and apply your very broad knowledge. Your day-to-day work varies considerably, depending on which phase of product development you are currently in and which questions or challenges you are faced with. 

Good working environment. 

A positive working environment is essential for autonomous, motivated and efficient cooperation. Communication plays a crucial role in this. You ensure that the necessary formats for exchange within the team are present and facilitate dialogue between all expert stakeholders. In addition, you make sure that the team is not sidetracked by any internal or external difficulties. Your excellent instincts enable you to succeed in creating a positive working environment and motivating employees to deliver their best.  

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