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Elias Steiner

Security & Risk Manager (80%), trampolining and slacklining enthusiast

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Security & Risk Manager security based on risk analysis and cyber defence.

As a Security & Risk Manager, you’ll support SBB in implementing security requirements in projects and Cyber Defence Center operations.

I work with the latest technological solutions and am constantly learning new things. It’s exciting and very enriching.

Ralph Wetter

Cybersecurity Architect, DSO Train Paths, father, DIYer, gamer and smart home enthusiast.

Security and development-orientated.

In your role as Security & Risk Manager, you’ll work in a leading-edge environment. You and your team will deploy state-of-the-art technology and the very latest methods on a day-to-day basis to ensure SBB’s solutions are implemented securely. The company-wide information security strategy guarantees that cutting-edge technology and concepts are applied. As Security & Risk Manager, you’ll feel at home in a fast-paced modern world – always endeavouring to guarantee SBB’s digital security by defining requirements and measures based on risk.

Flexible and varied.

As a modern company, SBB supports Work Smart. In the role of Security & Risk Manager, you are not tied to a fixed place of work. You can do your job from anywhere – the office, your home or while on the train. Your daily working life is also extremely varied. You maintain dialogue with your team and other specialists, monitor the infrastructure, examine concepts and thereby contribute added value for security in the digital world of SBB.

Wide-ranging and complex.

The rail system is complex and so is your area of responsibility. You continually reassess potential security threats and the security measures taken. As a Security & Risk Manager, you always keep an overview without getting lost in the details. Technologies develop fast and it is essential that you stay on the ball, are motivated and keen to develop your knowledge and can get to grips with new approaches and solutions. 

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