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Michael Moor

Application Engineer (65%), family man and sports enthusiast.

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Application Engineer: Help us develop further and ensure your personal growth.

You use the latest state-of-the-art technology, tools and methods to implement SBB’s technical and operational requirements via IT solutions.

IT buzzwords such as agility, DevOps, digitalisation, cyber, IoT, AI, ML and big data are part of our daily reality, which you will actively exploit and fill with useful content. As part of agile teams with responsibility for results, you analyse, develop and run applications such as the main SBB Mobile app or Switzerland’s largest geoinformation application, as well as complex data hubs, rail services software, optimisation algorithms and highly parallel, time-critical control software.

I’m fascinated by the interplay between professional expertise and technology in day-to-day life. It challenges me, but it motivates me too. I love constantly learning something new.

Priscila Moreno-Rey

Application Engineer specialising in integration (70%), discovering the world by learning languages.

Development and responsibility.

As an application engineer at SBB, you enjoy a high degree of personal responsibility as well as the ideal conditions for furthering your own development. 

  • We follow an independent and agile approach, working closely with railway specialists.
  • We make use of the latest technology, tools and methods and continuously hone our skills in applying them. 
  • We tackle a range of tasks and challenges which is unique in Switzerland.
  • Our applications are highly integrated and place specific demands on us in terms of application and business architecture.
  • We actively take charge of our own development by looking for new challenges within products and teams in order to continually increase our skills and competencies.

Do something great.

Careers in information technology.