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Patrik Roth

Business Analyst, floorball fan and travel enthusiast.

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Business Analyst: Make sure that our processes run as smoothly as our timetables.

As an SBB business analyst, you design products. You understand how systems relate to one another and enjoy working on business processes that you can analyse professionally and redesign. In doing so, you are also able to make complex relationships easy for others to understand.

As the link between the Business and IT departments, you are often the focus of interest as people expect you to offer innovative suggestions for implementation and are keen to help you implement them. You master all manner of analysis and process design methods, run workshops and be known for your creativity, openness and pragmatic approach to finding solutions. We can guarantee that you will never get bored at SBB.

Backlog, WiP, Retro, MVP: I work closely with business and IT using agile transformation. This creates innovative solutions.

Yuan-Yuan Sun

Business Analyst (90%), dance enthusiast, bookworm and gamer.

Advisor and go-between.

As a business analyst at SBB, you are the link between the Business and IT teams. You play a significant role in shaping products and communicate closely with stakeholders at all levels. You analyse and optimise business processes, conduct requirements analyses and work with the product owner to come up with innovative solutions. You show great interest in working in depth with other specialists and assist the Business team as a skilled advisor with a focus on customers and innovative thinking. As an articulate person, you are successful in creating a common language and mutual understanding between the Business and IT departments.

Do something great.

Careers in information technology.