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Eva Trippolini-Meier

Product Owner (70%), keen traveller and mother of three children.

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Product Owner: Switzerland needs your ideas for the mobility of the future.

As a product owner at SBB, you are responsible for developing new products. This comes with great responsibility and gives you a lot of freedom to contribute and implement your own ideas. You are the “CEO” of the product.

You evaluate the needs of stakeholders and coordinate them with one another, using this as a basis to formulate requirements for your development team. Together with your team, you estimate outlay, define the acceptance criteria and manage the implementation process, including prioritisation and budgeting. You therefore see the product through from your idea right through to its launch. You enjoy motivating others and don’t lose sight of your goal in sensitive situations. A challenging role with lots of potential to develop.

Our IT solutions have an impact right across Switzerland. So it’s important to have a strong sense of responsibility and to love what you do.

Steffen Splitt

Product Owner, enjoys making music, reading the news and hiking.

The main responsibilities of a Product Owner.

Ideas for the good of customers.

You develop ideas for products that are easy to implement and are of great benefit to customers and SBB.

Consistent implementation.

You optimise the work and value of the development team by prioritising the backlog and communicating closely with management and stakeholders. 

Making decisions and taking responsibility.

You are responsible for the budget and solutions and prioritise activities in the implementation process.

Do something great.

Careers in information technology.