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André Barth

System Architect, loves career challenges, running and cycling.

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System Architect: Both a visionary and analyst.

System Architects plan and define IT infrastructures. You examine possible solutions, taking enterprise architecture into account. You help ensure that Switzerland doesn’t come to a standstill.

The heterogeneity of SBB means I work in a highly varied, exciting environment.

Daniel Tschanz

System Architect, likes people and technology.

A modern field of work.

As a System Architect, you are required to beneficially deploy new and established technology and concepts when developing solution strategies. Even small improvements make a big difference here. Your work is virtual and interactive. Whether mapping out solutions on the whiteboard or modelling them on the laptop – they are always developed together in a team. Your partners are other System Architects, Enterprise/ Software/ Solution Architects, Business Analysts and specialist representatives. You ensure that new system architectures are feasible and can be implemented into the existing enterprise architecture. This means you have to be both a visionary and an analyst.

You get things on the right track.

You identify technological trends on the market and assess whether they can be standardised. Your input on business requirements is always solution-orientated. You always take broad, long-term planning and target architectures into account. Your combination of architectural expertise and business knowledge is vitally important. You always conduct your tasks transparently and objectively. You handle critical feedback assuredly and professionally.

It’s no ordinary job.

As a System Architect, you are responsible for the architecture of a ‘city’. In terms of content, all teams work with the same models and procedures. You work on a project-by-project basis bringing you into contact with lots of different people. System Architects face new challenges every day and can handle the range of issues in their field of expertise effortlessly. The role involves identifying obstacles and overcoming them in the interests of the company. Every day is different which means that you, with your flexible mindset, can always immerse yourself in something new. You are happy to take on new tasks. You do not just provide solutions, you also evaluate them.

Do something great.

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