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Michaela Bill

Finance Business Partner, ambitious and sports fanatic.

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Finance Business Partner: Shape the future of SBB.

Become a competent Business Partner at SBB and actively help to shape the development of the company.

Create transparency in whatever you do, adopt a critical but constructive stance, connect pieces of information together and offer independent assessments of situations and financial issues. Drawing on your ambition and responsibility, you actively and sustainably manage SBB’s earnings by defining areas for action and encouraging measures to be taken. 

In addition to being well-versed in financial matters, having an understanding of the company is crucial when it comes to shaping decisions.

Simon Schneiter

Head of Investments, Projects, M&A and Finance Business Partners, fitness enthusiast and avid reader.

Finance Business Partners are the points of contact for the management team and operate at the same level: 

  • Are responsible for the overall performance of the business and creating sustainable value for SBB. 
  • Maintain the balance between the independence of the financial role and the proximity to business operations. 
  • Help to form the content of the strategic and planning process and work towards ambitious targets. 
  • Derive recommendations for action together with the Business unit and ensure the implementation of adopted measures. 
  • Ensure adherence to overarching financial requirements and standards. 
  • Orchestrate the achievement of the common ambition using the targets set out in the performance management cycle. 
  • Are operational partners and partners for business across all levels and help anchor entrepreneurial ways of thinking.

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