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Marcel Kummer

Finance project manager, the former handball player likes travel and loves mountains.

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Finance project manager: direct and implement.

The next few years will see the implementation of many strategic digitalisation projects. Make your contribution to the development of SBB Corporate Finance and play an active part in digitalisation.

My projects help my colleagues to focus on the essential issues.

Philipp Keiser

Finance project manager, a keen cook and cyclist who enjoys skiing on powder slopes in the winter.

Your project management role.

As a finance project manager you are responsible for the initialisation and structuring of plans for projects with practicable implementation units. Your principal activity is to work with the selected project team towards the successful implementation of the planned project. You can be sure of professional success thanks to your knowledge of the subject area and familiarity with methods, your organisation and communication skills and your leadership qualities. Your ability to problem solve ensures SBB works efficiently, and gets Switzerland moving.

Efficacy and digitalisation.

The work of a project manager is very versatile. You optimise processes and promote digitalisation topics. This challenges you time and time again. You handle the standardisation and harmonisation of processes and systems within SBB Corporate Finance. In doing so you create efficacy and efficiency and contribute to cost optimisation. As project manager you connect many different pieces of the puzzle and people together. 

Do something great.

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