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Benjamin Kuch

In-house consultant, the calm analyst is a family man with a strong interest in history.

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In-house consultant: help change SBB.

Our consultants work to find solutions in relevant projects across the whole of SBB, and so create direct, highly visible and sustainable added-value for mobility in Switzerland. 

SBB Consulting offers exciting work important to the whole SBB group, a great team and a genuine work-life balance.

Anna Rohe

In-house consultant, a sports enthusiast globetrotter with a passion for business development.

Consulting on change.

There’s no normal working day in this job. You work on a variety of topics as an in-house consultant, analysing and handling problems from across the whole company. So SBB is both your employer and your client. You are responsible for planning and implementing new topics that quickly drive the company forward in a sustainable and efficient way. Working closely with the relevant units shortens and simplifies internal communications channels and allows you to develop win-win solutions for both SBB and our customers.

Experts in many disciplines.

As an in-house consultant, you use your specialist knowledge in many different areas and disciplines, while likewise expanding it each day. You look at problems from many different perspectives. You are actively responsible for advising on strategic questions, cost and process optimisations and organisational changes. Using your skills, you play an active role in shaping the company and determining how SBB will develop in the future. In doing so, you make an important contribution to optimising mobility Switzerland. 

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