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Harald Neuhauser

Senior Risk Controller and speed mountaineer who calculates risks with precision.

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Treasury Manager: Identify risks. Create security.

You are responsible for carrying out scenario analyses and reporting market, liquidity and credit risks. You also analyse and manage the Group-wide interest rate risk and take care of the portfolio of debt and interest rate swaps.

You assume specialist leadership of the SBB Group’s divisions, subsidiaries and participating interests with regard to financial risks. Furthermore, you are responsible for controlling financial risks (market, liquidity and credit risks), benchmarking and profit budgeting. Your remit also include actively developing and implementing regulatory financial requirements. 

We secure SBB’s financing and help shape the mobility of the future.

Marco Schneider

Treasury Manager, keen traveller and road cyclist.

Corporate Treasury. 

The department is the point of contact for all internal financial issues and is in direct contact with commercial banks and financial intermediaries. Our services can be divided into three areas: 

Front Office. 

This is where we finance the SBB Group, optimise debt, hedge against interest rate and currency risks and enhance the currency result. 

Middle Office. 

Here we control the financial risks of the market (interest rates and currency) and analyse the financial result. We establish methods to measure risks, run simulations and establish scenarios.  

Cash Management and Back Office. 

In this department, we safeguard solvency across the Group and manage and optimise cash pools and divisional cash flows. 

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