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Andreas Burn

Diagnostic technician, rugby player and passionate snowboarder.

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Diagnostic technician: assessing and resolving.

In urgent customer-related or operational incidents involving rolling stock, you are called in to resolve the incident. You work independently and achieve great things, even under time pressure.

Rectifying incidents before they affect our customers – that is what drives us on every day.

Nenad Drca

Head of diagnostic locations, he enjoys his leisure time most when with family and friends.

You achieve great things.

As a diagnostic technician, you undertake preliminary analysis to prepare for individual incident rectification. To do this, you draw on further information from SAP about the history of completed incident rectification. The timeframes for independent incident rectification on rolling stock are often short. You decide independently how and when the incident can be resolved. After successfully resolving a case, you document your findings in the system. In this description, we count on your powers of expression and argumentation.

Daily variety.

Besides the technical aspects of resolving incidents on site and operating hand tools or measurement instruments, your work consists of analysing faults and documenting them in the office. You also undertake organisational tasks and contribute actively to job planning. Given the variety of your work, no two days are the same. Different weather conditions also affect the character of your physically active days. Our diagnostic technicians are masters of a variety of technical systems. Despite the many tools, day-to-day activities are demanding and very varied.

Great responsibility.

Throughout your entire shift, you are your own boss. As a diagnostic technician, adherence to standards and safety conditions is also essential. Ultimately, you bear personal responsibility for whether a train may continue its journey. Or not. Your decisions are always made with the safety of all participants in mind.

Do something great.

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