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Pasquale Ciccone

Polymechanic, a sports fan with a passion for cooking who enjoys free time with his family.

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Polymechanic: Manufacturing perfected.

As a polymechanic, you mill, turn and grind complex components or drive units for railway points. You combine craftsmanship with operating state-of-the-art machines.

Focusing on precision and solutions, I make a daily contribution to ensuring that all points are in excellent condition.

Fabian Müller

Polymechanic, loves new travel destinations and working on his allotment.

Precision craftsmanship meets mechanics.

Our polymechanics attach great importance to independence, craftsmanship and precision. Work with a high-precision machine fleet utilising the latest control technology. You program directly using the CNC machine or the CAM system and make prototypes or series parts. In the process, you take into account the logical production steps and the materials being machined. Then check the quality specifications and program in any corrections required. You work skilfully with cutting equipment such as drilling, turning and milling tools.

Forward-thinking, but off the cuff.

We are looking for solution-oriented polymechanics able to think off the cuff. When performing your varied activities you will encounter unforeseen challenges over and over again, and you will use your skills to find a solution. Do you have an excellent imagination and a visionary eye? Fantastic, then you've come to the right place! You take account of various factors, such as temperature fluctuations, in your calculations. Your hard work keeps Switzerland on the move at all times.

Digital manufacturing.

You operate various state-of-the-art machines, such as turning and milling centres. Digitalisation means that you develop components directly using CAD/CAM software on a computer and produce the corresponding CNC programs. This requires IT and program knowledge, and offers you a challenging and varied working day.

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