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Adrian Widmer

Electrician, family man and technology buff.

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Electrician: repairs and installation.

You ensure that lighting, loud speakers, display systems and video cameras all work perfectly. Power supply and distribution systems are also your responsibility. You help get Switzerland moving.

A career as an electrician opens many doors and offers an exciting future for men and women!

Lucas Stadelmann

Head of Digital Field Force, marathon runner and good communicator who enjoys engaging with people.

Power is vital.

As an electrician, you ensure optimal performance of the entire power supply system. This means working with local energy providers. These companies supply the power needed for our railway stations and office and infrastructure buildings. You monitor and maintain several system platforms, including emergency power supply. Sophisticated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keeps rail operations running in the event of power failure. Emergency power testing is one of your routine tasks. This means you bear a high degree of responsibility and help to get Switzerland moving.

New areas of activity.

Owing to the automation of control systems and emergence of new ones, your career profile as an electrician is also evolving dynamically in the field of IT. Laptops are being used in place of screwdrivers, opening up new areas of activity for you.

Safety is paramount.

You manage the lighting controls and infrastructure locking system to provide access for authorised employees. In your role you ensure the safety of people and property and minimise the damage incurred. Your tasks also include maintaining electrical equipment, such as internal power supply systems and UPS. The installation and putting into service of various equipment and control systems also come under your remit and entail great responsibility.

Do something great.

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