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Simona Bruno

Telematics engineer, cat lover and sporting ace.

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Telematics engineer: you find solutions and resolve problems.

As a telematics engineer, you are responsible for operating, expanding or installing new systems. A wide variety of fascinating and complex systems awaits you.

Providing communication systems which meet complex rail requirements is both our mission and our passion.

Michael Habermacher

Head of Digital Field Force in the Central Switzerland region, active ice hockey player and globetrotter.


When there are problems, telematics engineers may be called out to repair damage on site: they deal with network incidents, faulty loud-speaker equipment or incidents affecting radio networks and ticket office counters. Your day’s work includes fixing broken displays on platforms and faulty fibre optic network connections. Repairing equipment requires an analytic approach and thorough knowledge of modern technology. This makes continuous training important.

Fascination with technology.

Every day you deal with different technologies and techniques. Your IT skills are essential as a telematics engineer. Your daily work is varied, covering analogue radio systems, data technology and network systems. Different cable systems ranging from copper and glass fibre to mobile technology systems add yet more variety to your remit.

Team spirit.

Managing the systems can be very demanding and requires a high level of skill. You can rely on your team to support you. You also have the pleasure of working with other teams across different regions. You work closely with your colleagues. You make use of your excellent written and oral communication skills. Your analytical thinking makes you an asset to the team and helps get Switzerland moving.

Do something great.

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