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Peter Wicki

Technology Support Operator, this sporting travel enthusiast enjoys listening to music.

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Technology Support Operator: Detection - Action.

As a Support Operator for ICT and railway installations, you use your analytical skills to overcome challenges and ensure safety and stability across the Swiss railway network.

When incidents occur, it’s my responsibility to implement measures swiftly to rectify them and ensure flawless operation.

Kim Oppliger

Technology Support Operator, this globetrotter loves music, amateur football and tennis.

Incident-free around the clock.

You analyse announcements regarding disruption to services and take measures to keep rail traffic and technical installations in perfect operational condition. We rely on your mental stamina to do this. You remain calm, willingly take on challenges and find the most appropriate solution to every problem. You compile the information about incidents and pass it on to the teams, who rectify the irregularities based on your analysis. You are responsible for bringing passengers and freight to their destinations safely and punctually.

Technical fascination.

Technology Support Operators demonstrate great fascination for technology. Your activities are varied and arise from diverse technical fields. Different workplaces and tasks are part of your daily routine and ensure a great deal of variety. For example, you monitor the longest tunnel in Europe and the functionality of points in the Technology Operation Centre in Lausanne. Thanks to you, Switzerland never stands still. Further training at our Centre of Excellence is also possible, so you can continue to pursue your technical fascination.

Enthusiasm for variety.

Your main tasks are the continuous monitoring of the condition of installations and their availability for the transport network, the data network based on Internet protocol and IP security. The network services to be checked are always changing. Radio communications in tunnels, train control and sales systems, points heating, wastewater treatment plants, ticket machines, traction current, the ticket sales app, electric installations and electronic slope reinforcements are all part of your working day. Your enthusiasm for the different fields ensures stability across the transport network.

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