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Agron Hajradini

Shunting Crew Member SBB Cargo.
Avid traveller, who enjoys his leisure time most when with family and friends.

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Shunting – a career that gets SBB moving.

Our shunting staff are a core professional group at SBB. Every day, they make a key contribution to the transport of nearly one million people in the passenger services sector as well as 185,000 tonnes of goods with SBB Cargo. 

Paid apprenticeships and various internal further training opportunities are now available.

As soon as you start your job, you make a great contribution to providing a punctual journey of our passengers or the punctual delivery of our customers. At SBB, you can find a flexible environment with many opportunities and a variety of duties. 

Shunting crew member Cargo.

Thanks to shift work, I can spend more time with my two children.

Nuredin Abdulai

Shuntig Crew Member SBB Cargo, father of two children and football fan.

Shunting crew member passenger service.

The following entry levels are currently open within our shunting operations.

Shunting crew member (Cargo).

As a shunting crew member, you are responsible for receiving freight trains, including splitting them and delivering wagons to the customer. Releasing the brakes, disconnecting couplings, shunting wagons, preparing freight trains for departure and performing technical inspections of trains are just some of the many tasks that you take on throughout your varied work day. Together with colleagues from other professional groups, you ensure the timely, safe formation of trains, thereby playing an important role for SBB.

Shunting specialist.

As a shunting specialist, you receive internal training to plan and manage complex shunting operations. You form and split trains, as well as prepare them for their journeys. Using the expertise you acquire at SBB, you examine the vehicles and assess whether they are fit for operation. In the event of damage, you take stock of the situation and determine the cause of the damage. In this role, you are also in constant contact with the locomotive crew and customers.

Engine Driver Cat. A40.

During your internal training to become a shunting engine driver, you are trained to carry out complex shunting manoeuvres and to drive various traction units from one place to another in the marshalling yard at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Before journeys, you are responsible for ensuring vehicles are ready for departure and therefore play an important role in the safety of passengers, colleagues and goods. Through this varied position with a high degree of responsibility, you also help to ensure smooth and punctual operations for the company.

Take individual responsibility.

You have a high level of individual responsibility. Despite a high degree of independence, you also need good teamwork skills. You are regularly in contact with your colleagues via radio or telephone and are an integral part of a team. Through your work, you are part of something bigger. With the help of our complex delivery system, you ensure that trains and wagons arrive safely and on time at their destination.

Exciting challenges.

You are happy to work in all four seasons and enjoy working outdoors, regardless of the wind or weather. And the hard physical work that the profession involves doesn’t bother you. In your daily work, you operate a tablet and other tools. Dealing with modern work equipment is no problem for you.   

The following jobs are currently vacant:


Shunting crew member.

Spreitenbach (German) – Apply nowLink opens in new window.

Passenger Services.

Engine Driver Cat. A40.

You can find further regional shunting roles in the vacancies section using the keywords ‘Rangiermitarbeiter:in’ (shunting crew member), ‘Rangierspezialist:in’ (shunting specialist) or Engine Driver Cat. A40. 

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