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Sandra Hubeli

Shunting crew member, football fan and snowboarder.

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Shunting crew member: Get SBB moving.

As soon as you start your job you make a great contribution to providing a punctual service for customers. Here you can find a flexible environment with many opportunities and a variety of duties.

Thanks to shift work, I can spend more time with my two children.

Edmond Hashani

Shunting crew member, father of two boys and football fan.

Experience variety.

As a shunting crew member, you perform various roles. You are responsible for accepting a train, including splitting it and delivering the wagons to the customer. Releasing the brakes, disconnecting couplings, shunting coaches, preparing trains for departure and performing technical inspections of trains are some of the countless duties that make your day rich in variety. You guarantee the punctual, safe formation of trains and are therefore a valuable member of SBB.

Take individual responsibility.

You have a high level of individual responsibility. Although you have great independence, you also contribute to the team spirit. You have frequent contact with your colleagues via radio or telephone and are therefore an integral part of a team. Through your work, you are part of something bigger. With the help of our complex delivery system, you get the coaches to their destination safely and punctually.

Exciting challenges.

You don’t mind working in all four seasons and enjoy working outdoors in the wind and weather. And the hard physical work that this profession involves doesn’t bother you.

The following vaccancies are currently open:

01.06.2022, Spreitenbach – Apply nowLink opens in new window.

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