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Sabine Baumgartner

Media Spokesperson (70%), Mother of three girls with roots in Bern and keen on swimming in the River Aare.

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Media spokesperson: the face and voice of SBB.

Your work makes a significant contribution to building SBB’s credibility. You are the first point of contact for the media and keep a cool head even when times are hectic.

SBB and freedom of the press are both part of the fabric of Switzerland. I play a great role bringing them together.

Ottavia Masserini

Media spokesperson with a talent for languages, also keen on rock concerts and Italian coffee.

A fine touch.

You monitor the current situation as it develops from day to day. You pay close attention to developments in politics, the economy and society and make use of your knowledge and analysis in the SBB newsroom. As a media spokesperson, you always keep an eye on national and regional reporting. You make people aware of potential risks in communication and develop strategies for cushioning the blow together with the staff responsible for the dossier. And in that way you contribute to successful interdisciplinary cooperation.

Variety guaranteed.

Your work is driven by latest developments and is therefore often unpredictable. You revel in this challenge because fast-paced work and even occasional crisis situations don’t throw you off balance. Your wide general knowledge and curiosity help you stay calm and find pragmatic solutions. Whether or not things turn out according to plan, you stay right on top of your job with your proactive approach and self-motivation. 

Talented across the board.

You answer requests from journalists on behalf of SBB. Your focus when making written and oral statements is to make sure that the whole range of SBB topics is reported on correctly. Your wide general knowledge and knowledge of the Swiss media landscape help you provide professional answers to any questions you receive. You do not shy away from giving live interviews and see them as a chance to put out a credible image of SBB across a range of media.

Every day you have a diverse range of tasks to juggle: you run internal media training sessions and prepare specialists, the Management Board or the CEO for public appearances. You provide in-person support when representatives of SBB make public appearances and make sure things run like clockwork. So you can achieve great things as a media spokesperson.

Do something great.

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